George Michael – Faith


Ok, so this isn’t the greatest video but I love it. George Michael has rhythm up the ying yang. Why is this important? Because I have no rhythm… seriously I have not one lick of rhythm anywhere in my whole entire body. Zip. Nada. Nil. I can barley walk in rhythm. Well ok, I can sing. But I can’t clap and sing.

I love those drum dudes. You know the ones who play things as instruments. Oh what are they called? See they have what that I don’t have is what I want.

I always say that the person who can teach me to dance is the one for me. Haven’t found that person yet.

So I showed the video to my daughters and they kept wandering off. I told them I thought it was made in 1983. Sydney (12) said it looked really old. Hello duh?! I pointed out his perfect butt. Perfect shave. Perfect rhythm. Then I told them he was really a manly looking man yeah. (Which I didn’t believe for a minute.) Then I told them he was as gay as gay can be. Big deal.

Gotta love these kids.

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