Relaxing Music

I just found this. I’ve not listened to the whole thing, but so far I really like it. Tell me what you think.

I’ve been so very stressed and angry lately. I have got to calm down. I’m suffering in my classes and in my mind.

This is my last quarter before I graduate. I’m going to try to make it my best one. First, get my emotions under control.

I have to keep reminding myself…


Watch “Relaxing Piano Music: Beautiful Music, Romantic Music, Relaxing Music, Sleep Music ★136” on YouTube

A Train Journey on YouTube

A Train Journey on YouTube

I haven’t tried posting from YouTube to here before. Tell me how it worked.

I’m listening to this right now. It will play on my phone all night. I got one of the charging pads so it would be easy to work with and hear.

Nite friends

Anxiety – Relax My Ass

School starts in two days. Yesterday I had my first adrenaline mainlining anxiety day of the school year. 

I tried to be strong and relax, but I had to take half a chill pill early in the day. It didn’t help. I tried not to take the other half because I only get 10 a month. I got into bed and my anxiety ramped up higher. I had to take the other half. 

Eventually, I slept.

I’m once again forced to try all the methods to reduce anxiety that I have learned… but deep down I don’t believe any of them will help, they never have.

I’m tired of being a victim of my own brain. So tired.

EEG Check In

I’m finished with the EEG now. Someone forgot to tell me they would be wanting me to go to sleep when I got there so I got myself all woke up so I wouldn’t fall asleep…  I was only able to doze off a few times. The tech said she thought they got enough information. I hope so. Now I wait.


Imagine help
as a syllable,
awkward but utterable.
How would it work
and in which distress?
How would one gauge
the level of duress
at which to pitch
the plea? How bad
would something
have to be?

It’s hard,
coming from a planet
where if we needed something
we had it.

by Kay Uncle