Laughter – It’s Impact on Bipolar

Le me be brief… no really… I’ll be brief.

One of the less well known or spoken of ways of relieving Bipolar symptoms is laughter!

Rage – one of the horrible things that pop out and destroy our lives and our families. Want to possibly lessen it or stop it? Looking for a way to keep the steam from filling the bottle up and needing to blow off (rage)? Try laughing your ass off!

Listen, you need to check out this organization called:

The Power of Stand Up Comedy!

No, that’s not what the site is called. It is called: Stand up for Mental Health

“We use comedy to give mental health consumers a powerful voice and help reduce the stigma and discrimination around mental illness,” says Granirer. “The idea is that laughing at our setbacks raises us above them. It makes people go from despair to hope, and hope is crucial to anyone struggling with adversity. Studies prove that hopeful people are more resilient and also tend to live longer, healthier lives.” (from the group’s website)

When I laugh my ass off, I feel so much better. I feel like my brain is resetting… and recharging. Now, think of making other laugh with you! There is nothing like the feeling when you induce an audience to hysterical and enjoyable LAUGHTER!

Not only these folks believe in laughter, but these ones do too: Bipolar Magazine.

Brain chemistry is affected by laughter. I think that manic part of me feeds and thrives on causing laughter. It’s like a happy drug.

Then there was the Superbowl…. Check in tomorrow. Then I’ll spill something interesting.

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