Johnston Go Home and Shut Up

The “King of Pop” seems to be close in his evening entertainment news magazine coverage with …. penis popping Levi Johnston. Oh my is that fair? Did he just pose for multiple issues of Playgirl? Why yes I think he did.

And shame on the pecan people or whoever they are who associate Levi with “protection”. Dude, let’s catch a break. Stop talking about him. It isn’t like he’s a good roll model or anything. Or maybe that’s it, someone wants his life to teach our kids it’s ok to have sex outside of marriage or before you can care for a baby and after that it’s ok to insult and belittle our elders and it’s ok to be a father under 20 and pose for Playgirl then sue for joint custody of your child who you never see because you’re always in Hollywood selling your soul.

Love to hear what you think. Please post a comment.

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