Gayness isn’t the Problem

I was talking to my mom a little while ago and she asked me “not to bring up the topic that my brother is gay.” I was taken aback as we weren’t even talking about being gay. Further, she asked me not to talk to my kids about my brother being gay… as though that would somehow keep gayness away from them.

Jessica’s buddy at school is a gay fella and we all know his boyfriend. Another gal Jessica is friends with is also gay and so is her foreign exchange student.  Gay is everywhere.

Another close friend is gay, but is single at the moment, so mother thinks she isn’t really gay since she’s single. I countered with “I think she’s single because she’s afraid of being hurt” … to which she agreed.

So what is it? Why this sudden picking on me and gayness?? Turns out after I probed a bit about what was really wrong that she’s pissed at my dad, not me. She’s ignoring him till he realizes she’s ignoring him. Fat chance…. So she took it out on gayness.

Wonder how often that’s happened?

Love to hear what you think. Please post a comment.

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