12th Man – Seahawks/Mason

While I was minding the all night market that is my mind last night… actually, it was when I woke up from a strange and not so great attempt at sleep to an episode of Perry Mason. The episode (249) was entitled “The Case of the Wildcats.” I only saw the last half and my memory is about average, BUT I remember this: at the end of the episode they were toasting one another when the beautiful Della Street turned to the manly Perry Mason and said, and I almost quote:

“To Perry! The twelfth man!”

What the Seahawks 12th MAN and Perry Mason have in common is kind of crazy – both the 12th MAN. Amazing. So amazing! It was like a weird sign from the TV gods that our time is now.

We’ve been waiting for our chance at the Superbowl again and here we are. Seahawks play the Broncos today!  (See below for amazing links!)

We, the 12th MAN of Seahawk fame, are known across the land as something of a wildcard in the game that must be beaten as much as the men on the gridiron. We hold the world record for the loudest roar at a sports stadium in the world. We believe in our men, in our team, in the 12th man to win.

I’ve been waiting for the Superbowl for weeks and weeks it seems. I love the Seahawks! I scream and yell at the TV and the kids seek refuge far away from their yelling mom. I also love Perry Mason. He and Della visit me when the night spins on and on. Okay, and during the day too. It was like sports/entertainment crossover candy. I couldn’t believe my TV.

To the Seahawks 12th MAN and Perry Mason the 12th man… may your legacy live on and your fame spread far and wide.

From the 12th MAN all round the world… GO SEAHAWKS!!!!

*Perry Mason  episode 249 “The Case of the Wildcats
*Origin of “The 12th MAN
*Seattle Seahawks Loudest Roar – Just the Facts – BeastQuake! Hawks/Saints game Puget Sound Seismic Network
*Seattle Seahawks
*Perry Mason

* Note: I realize this post may sound completely different than the one before, but it really isn’t. This blog is all about what goes on in my head, in my life. And this… is some of what’s happening recently. I hope you’ll come back and see what occurs to my little grey cells next. One never knows where they may wander. 

Love to hear what you think. Please post a comment.

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