Moving Forward – Goals

I’ve been writing/working on a particular project for several years. I’m talking of my CURRENT project.  The main and most important one. (Okay. That’s completely untrue.  My kids are my most important project.)

I’m telling you my objective now, here, in “public” so I’ll have witnesses… so to speak. I hope that knowing someone else is aware of what I’m working toward I’ll keep my promise to myself and finish what I’ve began.

The project – Weird Parenting: How to be a Bipolar Parent and Not Have Your Kids Hate You

That’s the working title. . .for now.
My goal is to complete the entire rough draft by the end of my youngest daughter’s driver’s training course is over.

Honestly, I admit it will be hard to get it done. But look, I’ve been sitting on it for too long time. And I have an unpredictable superpower.  It’s that not so secret dirty little monster commonly referred to as MANIA.

Question to ponder: Can I be stay on my meds and yet let myself be manic to the point where it aids me in the completion of my work? Is that even possible? 

I think it is. What do you think?

Love to hear what you think. Please post a comment.

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