Bipolar – Dealing with Insurance Co.

Greetings Friend!

I don’t really  like to complain or make this a place to vent, but I want to give you the basics… It isn’t always health care insurance that sucks.

Since my son’s car “wreck” over a week ago the tow truck company lost the car. Then we found the car. Then our insurance company (we have the same one as him) connected me with my rep. Next, his rep. called me after my rep. concluded business with me since it was now his insurance co (we share National General) I had to talk to “Reggie”. He’s a bit of a moron and lazy from what I could tell in our awkward interactions. I’m pretty sure he lied to me about when the car was re-towed to their impound lot and when (later) specialist would inspect the car and determine fi they should fix it or total it. Reggie had no idea. You know who did? The rental car company.

Enterprise car rentals called me yesterday to ask if I would like to look at any of the used cars they sell. They could easily hook me up with one of their sales people. I’m like “what?”  He let me know the car was totalled.

I called Reggie. He had no idea. He told me he was now handing me off to another guy who would make me an offer on the wrecked car.

Then, the Monday after the accident the insurance company (National General) called (another guy) to offer my son $1500 to settle his PIP claim. Seems like it’s a little fast, don’t you. Haven’t heard from him again. Oh, we got a letter in the mail saying he couldn’t reach us.



So now I’m waiting for the guy to offer me cash for my smashed car and I’m going to call the PIP dude. Dang.

All this while, I mean all of it, I’m going back and forth with the Financial Aid department at my son’s college. OMG!

When will this all stop?

I had an anxiety sort of attack and didn’t go to an appointment I needed to go to. I just couldn’t deal with any more.

Have you had a day like this lately? Oh and my service dog in training was on the high energy going bonkers side all day. She exhausted me. She figures out mental games as fast as I invent them.

It’s Thursday now. Feels like I’ve had three or four Mondays. Today I’m going to go get pictures from Walmart. I might stop by my parents to show them. The pictures are from a coffee can I have saved all the rolls of film I couldn’t afford to get developed from when the kids were little.


The lumbar shot I had Monday seems to be helping my back. Now all the muscles that have been affected by the chronic pain… are still in chronic pain. I have a long goad ahead of me to recovery. When I have days like Wed. was, it makes it really hard to do that. My brain just hasn’t been engaging on things I want and have to do. I don’t think that helps my mood at all.

I’m depressed.

Thursday, today, will be a better day. Right?

Your friend,


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