Bipolar Parent – Taking the Holidays by Storm

All my kids know I have this blog. They all know that I write about them. I periodically check in with them them and make sure they remember they can read up on what I say. They don’t. Well, for a while Jessica (22 and in the AFB) helped me with some settings in this blog. But, I don’t think she reads it. Here’s the test.

Monday 24th
Sydney (she’s 17) and Kyle (he’s 19) know that I’m getting my new teeth (my face back) on Monday the 24th. Only they know.

Tuesday 25th
I will get used to my teeth and try to learn to talk again. lol We will not tell my parents, brother or Jessica that I have my new teeth. They will all be told that I’m getting them the Monday after Thanksgiving.

Wednesday 26th
Jessica will secretly fly into Seatac airport for a surprise visit. No one knows she’s coming. Jessica does not know I will already have my new teeth either. I’m telling everything her I’m getting my teeth the following Monday as well. So I’m surprising her as well. Kyle and Sydney think (hopefully but I think Sydney has guessed) Jessica in December. I’m telling them I’m meeting my very good friend Carol at Seatac during a 2 hour layover from FL to Anchorage. (I really think Syd has figured it out the little shit!) I’m saying I’m going to have lunch with her.

Thursday 27th
Everyone will find out Jessica is home when we go to my brother’s house for dinner and they will also see my new teeth!

Sound complicated? I don’t feel like it is. My ducks are in a row. I just have to work my texts with Carol to convince Sydney Carol is coming and not Jess. I’ll have to hide her in the trunk or something.

I’m exhausted. I was sick this last Sunday and I don’t think I’ve got my fluids topped off just yet. lol

Be happy, be safe and try to plan something memorable with family or friends.

This year I’m in control. (course I’m well medicated too) And, I’m having fun. Wish me luck!

Love to hear what you think. Please post a comment.

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