Bipolar – The Pain I Cause My Kids

I saw my counselor yesterday.

Hours later I let my control go again and hurt my baby’s heart (she’s 17). She’s the one that takes it all in and thinks the things I sometimes say or do are real and I mean it. It’s confusing when sometimes they aren’t and sometimes they are. I can’t stand the anger that has been rising.

Time to figure out if it’s in response to yesterday being the one week anniversay of my father’s passing or if I need my meds adjusted or if I’m just being selfish and witchy.

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3 thoughts on “Bipolar – The Pain I Cause My Kids

  1. I can definitely relate. I could take on the world but be a witch of a mother. As Lauren said it’s those closest to us who suffer the brunt of the monster. It’s not you. I think you may need some extra tlc now and it’s totally okay. You can be stronger, kinder and all the nice stuff tomorrow or the day after that. She’ll forgive you.
    Now, you forgive yourself.



  2. I’m sure you’re not being selfish and witchy!

    I don’t have any children but I have people such as my boyfriend that tends to take the brunt of me. It’s always the people we love the most. If it was an anniversary of your father’s passing, that seems fairly justified to me, and if not and you need extra help, that’s ok too!

    It’s ok to be rubbish for a little while, we’re only human and we have more on our shoulders than the average person!


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