Weird Parenting – Bipolar and Other Non-Traditional Parenting Techniques

Weird Parenting - Young Adult Kids

I was reading one day, after the birth of my first child, about the chance of my daughter growing up and discovering along the way that she has inherited Bipolar Disorder from me. I was terrified. Today she’s 23 and in the Air Force working as an Air Traffic Controller. She shows no signs of Bipolar Disorder or any related disorder.

Then I had my son. And I had another daughter. Could I possibly keep beating the odds? What if one of them showed signs in their teens as I had? What if they were diagnosed in adulthood? Would it be my fault?

The answers to the questions are: yes, I’m listening, I’m listening and I’m still listening. What I mean is I have three kids ranging today from 23 – 17 and while one is struggling with a learning difficulty none of them shows any sign of having Bipolar…

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