Petiete Confessions: A Humorour Memoirette

Review: Petiete Confessions:
A Humorour Memoirette with Sassy Drink Recipes

By Viki Lesage. (I read the Kindle version. The Kindle version is free right now.)

Amazon rates this #1 in humor and #1 in bartending. Is it funny enough to make me laugh out loud and to do so more than once? Was it able to make my manic brain slow down long enough to finish it? The answer is Yes! I finished the whole thing in two sittings.

I’ve been looking for something to make me smile or otherwise engage my emotions in a positive manner for some time now. Mostly I’ve been looking for some good poetry that stirs that something inside my super charged emotional center. I’m not into poetry per se, but as a result of the Creative Writing Class I just took I’m willing to look around and see what’s out there.

Now, as for funny, did Petiete make me laugh? Yes! Not hysterically from beginning to end, but I smiled and grinned and did indeed laugh. Was it humorous enough for me to invest in reading another book in the series? Sure. Are you curious how drink recipes are mixed with humor? Easy, she writes a chapter then ends it with a sassy drink recipe. Wanna know what a “sassy” drink recipe is? Get the book. I can’t give away everything. If I could drink (I don’t mix my meds with alcohol) I would look forward to trying them. If I found they were good I might even consider working my way through the whole book just for fun!

If you’re looking for something refreshing and a little different than you usually read give it a whirl. It doesn’t take too long to read. If you’re depressed and are looking for something to pull you up I’m not sure this would do it for you. You probably need to keep taking your meds or have them adjusted and talk to your counselor. If you’re looking for a book to pull you out of the funk of depression or mellow you down from a manic high this isn’t the book for you. But, if you are someplace in between the two extremes this might just be the tickle for your giggle. Check it out!


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