On a Journey 

My eldest daughter and I are sitting in traffic on a freeway in Ina, IL. I’ve only had to take one chill pill and that was yesterday. I’m doing really well accept that this traffic is stressful. This is day 4 of the trip I’ve previously mentioned. The 2 cats with us are fine in the car, but in the hotel they are terrors. My chest and stomach were jumped on last night. I was not happy. Then one of them scratched on the chairs over and over. I didn’t sleep well. Little shots. Traffic has opened back up. The most stressful part of the trip is wondering how things are at home with my new house that I’d not even had the chance to get settled into yet before I left for this trip. I could have refused to come, but I promised my daughter that when she got out of the military I would drive with her, and so I am keeping my word… and am sitting in traffic again. But, we are well and have had no major problems.

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