Bipolar – Off the Cuff

I have a beautiful 50 lb black and white healer who is usually well behaved. This morning I got out a new cube of butter for cooking. I wanted it to soften. Later, I left for my evening class. 

When I got home I found the plate in the same place but the butter was mysteriously missing.

Bailey put on her best guilty face and refused to come when I called her. Later she pooped it all out.

This is just like what I do. I become obsessed with a thing and then, no matter what the consequences are, I stick with it till my head and heart are about to explode.

I’m tempted to bury myself in homework again this quarter, but that’s like eating all the butter. I don’t want to go there again now that I’m calming down. 

Off the cuff… don’t over do things. It’s not healthy.

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