The Aftermath of Latuda & Despair

solar flareThe Latuda that was destroying me is gone now, though it has left a lasting mark that lives on within me. It no longer provides mood stabilization for my overloaded brain. The good that it may have done is far outweighed by the damage that it has left behind. Often, I cannot speak for long before I lose the ability to be understood. My speech becomes silenced and my face jerks and spasms as though in pain. Large muscle groups jerk and move without my involvement. It all devastates me. I feel locked inside my body, my brain unable to freely communicate even with those who are closest to me.

I’ve recently come out of a period of not feeling anything but anxiety. My actions indicated that I was depressed, but I didn’t exactly feel depressed. Recently, that has changed.

Last week I crashed. I felt the old familiar feelings and thought things that hadn’t consumed me for some time. I looked at all my pills (I have many) and considered how easy it would be to stop. Just to stop.

But, I didn’t touch them. I called my children and I reached out for help. My girls both came to me and loved me… they helped put away those feelings of purposelessness and thoughts that I have no reason to live.

Why have I not taken all my pills? I have no purpose, no reason to burden those around me. You see, I want to have a purpose. I want my life to matter. While I currently feel I have nothing to offer the world… I think, if I don’t give in to the depression that loves me without reservation, that it might be possible to find that singular purpose that is meant for me.

I suffer from Bipolar Disorder Type 1 with rapid cycling and mixed states. Perhaps I am able to find this ever so small spark of desire to find my purpose because in my manic delusional state sometimes I have delusions of grandeur. Who knows, maybe my periodic delusions will give me my missing purpose. I hope so.

I need a reason to carry on. For now, the love of those who care for me is what I am holding on to. I have to wonder… how long it will be before even that is not enough.

At this moment, I don’t want to die, but I am encompassed by a cloak of useless despair.

I desire purpose. I want inspiration. I resisted the urge to give in and bring this fight to an end. Intellectually, I want my end to be celebrated with the acknowledgment of a fulfillment of purpose and leave an honorable legacy that says my life meant something, that I lived with purpose and left a remarkable mark on my world.

I don’t want to be an unnumbered footmark in the annals of the world, but I can’t seem to master what my brain chemistry is doing to me.

Now, it’s time to start my two-hour ritual of preparing to sleep. Maybe I’ll get lucky and I’ll have a temporary respite and I’ll sleep an emotion free night.

5 thoughts on “The Aftermath of Latuda & Despair

  1. I’m really sorry for everything you have gone and are going through. I know your feelings all too well. The feelings you describe – purpose, inspiration… I feel that way too. I am a huge, huge, huge fan of Alan Watts. His wisdom and words give me so much comfort and inspiration. He helps me understand so much and just kind of accept where I am and be at peace. If you are not familiar with him, he was a philosopher who bridged eastern philosophy with western. Hope maybe you can find some inspiration with him! Sending love and hope your way ❤

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    • Thank you for taking the time to talk to me. I really appreciate it. I will look him up. I try to be open to new ideas. One never knows when inspiration will appear. Thanks again.


  2. I’m still around. Still fighting to find daily purpose. I’m going to graduate from college with my second degree… because I was able to be honest with my family and loudly admit I needed they’re help. I found hope then. Not from them, but because I found it within. All the shitty stuff we feel and that maybe today we can’t control how we feel can be over come. I know. I’m doing it. Tomorrow? I’m not sure about it. But seizing this moment I have so much school work to do I have to take a chill pill our I’m paralyzed with panic. See, even in victory, the battle awaits. You must not Give up. You are worth saving.


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