Bipolar – Setting Goals – Part A



Reach higher!

I have been thinking about how to share what I’ve learned about setting goals so that you can set those goals, and actually meet them. There’s a huge problem with that. I could never get to the point where I felt I’d learned enough to share with you how to do that. I finally realized… that was silly.


I was up all night at the end of January, and I was thinking about setting goals. Honestly, I was that worried about telling you the wrong thing. I have Bipolar Disorder. Setting goals, for me, is usually a disaster. Who, I asked myself over and over, was I to tell you how to set and achieve goals?

Let me take you back to January, and to what I wrote in the middle of that night when what I felt just had to communicate to you something important to you. I didn’t think anything about how much I knew about it. I just knew I struggled with it, and I knew you probably did too.

It is now the last day, of the first month of 2018. I have set no goals. I’ve written about goal-setting and Bipolar Disorder… and there it sits. Ouch. Goals + mental illness. Messy. At least so far. Bear with me, please. Achieving goals, like us, is a complicated business.

I finally and fully realize that goal setting is mind-boggling from the first moment I start thinking about it.

In addition to having a mental illness, I have this “magical thing” about me (mania) that routinely lifts me to enormous heights from which I can sometimes achieve astounding things. Unfortunately, these are the same heights from which I also sometimes fall.

The honest truth is that I might just be as amazing as I think I am when I’m manic, but because the label on my forehead says, “when manic, this person will have delusions of grandeur and is not to be trusted. It is an illusion. She is to be tolerated and endured. She’s broken.” – That’s what I usually believe.

It’s time to stop believing that. It’s time to be UNSTOPPABLE.

You see, the message that my brain needs to tell me is that I must allow myself to dream lofty dreams. Accomplishing my goals is ok. It’s okay, to be UNSTOPPABLE.

Love to hear what you think. Please post a comment.

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