Bipolar- Families

When you, especially the parent, have debilitating Bipolar I think that we must understand that the whole family has it. It impacts all of us.

When one of my kids is having a rough time, we are all part of ignoring it, or we are part of the solution.

I’ve seen my doctor about my blackout, my lost time, my mental breakdown and we agree it is past time to fire my med provider.

I’ve finally graduated. I’m able to play attention to my own health beyond giving every ounce of my being to school so I wouldn’t implode.

But now, my family needs me. It’s time to be fierce.

I’m not taking any crap anymore.

Sometimes I have to hit beyond the rocks at the bottom to get my attention.

I’m not full of the life destroying anxiety that my med provider refused to treat me for. What I am, is incredibly 😡.


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