My Perfect Bithday


As often happens, my “This Is My Day So Snap Off” day occurs on the same exact day… hold your breath… as the Super Bowl!

Can you guess what’s wrong with this picture? Oh, no. Not THE picture just above here. That picture is amazing! It’s one of my favorites. The desk you see there was my Mom and Dad’s. I was two and a little bit years old in that hideout.

Today, on my bithday, that desk is in my office, here at my home. Every time I sit at it, open a drawer or pull out the writing board, I remember this picture….

(OMG!!!!!! Will Someone make that jerk… wherever he is, turn that blasted CAR stereo off!)

Sorry, where was I? Right, family feelings, blah, blah, title Bithday….

Yeah… Have I mentioned that it’s snowing here? No? Yep. Actually, I want to tell you something that I feel, that I believe, is essential for each of us to comprehend.

You and I, we are Un-Niche-Able. Right?

(Break it down Robin. Yes, it is your day, but for heaven’s sake settle down. Right.)

I’m finally 56. For a couple years I was 55, but it turns out I was 54 and THEN 55. My kids have been rehearsing it with me this year so all is well. This is my official 56th Bithday!

(Wait, what?? Oh alright then.)

Sorry about that. I need help getting my sweatshirt off. I got stuck in one the other night. Not pretty.

(Shh.. go away! I’m talking here to my friends…. you just shut your face! They can hear you you know! Yes, they can!)

Sorry about that. Family. What am I to do?

Silliness aside – I really am 56 now.

I’ve done something horribly painful to my shoulder and having help with certain things is amazing! Get your mind out! Dressing! I’m talking about dressing and the opposite of it.

And most importantly, because I’m Un-Niche-Able, I can choose to spell the most amazing day of my year “Bithday” if I want to.

And so can you.

Should the birthdays of my three kids be my most important day? Nope. They’d fight if that was how I picked it, so, nope.

In my brief 56 years of living with kookoo for puffs I swear to you, that if I stop believing that I was born when I was born so I could be 56 today I would relax my chokehold on… stuff. And who would want that?

Okay, I’m being weird in parts of this. But, not in all of it.

Your take away from this post (that’s completely confusing to me) could be:

Bithday – whoever you are that is reading this, I’m talking to YOU about YOUR day.

Un-Niche-Able – we are amazing! Yes, YOU! You are the only one who will ever, in the whole of time and space…

(what do you WANT now? The beta readers said what was too expansive? Oh, I see. Whatever. Yes, yes I’ll… do it. OMG… what? No, i… didn’t say “whatever.” I said… somet…. I said nothing. Bye! Gotta go!). So sorry.

As I was saying… writing…. <muttering>… reading, rereading… Yep. Got it now.

Un-Niche-Able – we are amazing! Yes, YOU! You are the only one who will ever, in the whole… on the hole… whole of the world who can be YOU!

Don’t tell me that you’ve never, ever had a day when your brain does the Anti-Niche dance. It’s impossible for you not to have had your very own version of this. I know its true.

At the risk of sounding like I’ve forgotten what I’ve previously written, may I say once again that when marketing people or super successful YouTubers tell us that we have to pick a niche and just promote and make our platform all about that specific niche… that they ARE WRONG.

I don’t know of one single person who looks like a flat piece of copier paper. No one’s like that. I mean, even paper can be folded and rolled and crumpled.

Reader, my dear, dear Reader, you’re Un-Niche-Able. Embrace the words (bits of words…) Embrace yourself.

{Get away from my keyboard!!}

I neeed sleep. Bithday sleep!

Love to hear what you think. Please post a comment.

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