White House Bonehead Party Crashers

We all know by this time about the White House party crashers Michaele and Tareq Salahis. I just heard that they’re forming a Congressional Committee to investigate the incident.
I understand the need to evaluate and repair the situation that allowed the Salahis to enter the dinner is imperative. However, a Congressional Committee? Is that going to be overkill? It seems like it should be an internal investigation, not a costly CC.

The safety of our President is of paramount importance and the Salahis, if found guilty of lying to get in, should pay the penalty of either $100,000 or 5 years in jail. “Crashing” any White House function should be viewed as a major peril.

Still, Congress has its head up it’s ass about enough other things. Slap the Secret Service and the WH staff around a bit. Fix it where it’s broke and not spend needlessly monies from an already broke Nation.

Love to hear what you think. Please post a comment.

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