Fallen Heroes

4 Police Officers Slain

A week and a half ago four Lakewood, WA police officers were slaughtered while doing paperwork in a local coffee shop. Strangely the name of the shop is “Forza”, which the CEO says in Italian means “strength”. He wants his stores to be the strength of their communities and safe places. I think this makes the tragedy even more poignant.

The Tacoma Dome is the destination of today’s law enforcement procession where a dedication will be held for the officers.

Paying Respects

News stations are covering the entire procession from McCord Air Force Base to the Dome has just begun and they will be following it throughout the day. I mean throughout the day… like from the beginning at 10 a.m. till it’s conclusion around dinnertime.

There are law enforcement professionals here from all around the country to pay tribute to the fallen officers. It’s truly amazing. There are satellite locations setup for civilians to gather to watch the proceedings and the T Dome is expected to fill to capacity. Incredible.

We’ve discussed why the hunt for law enforcement killers seems such a higher priority than that of a regular person. We’ve come to the conclusion that it’s because they put themselves on the line daily to keep the rest of us safe. It’s super important to keep them safe so they can do their jobs… and maybe they deserve the honor. Everyone’s killer should be caught… that goes without saying. It also should go without saying that these people were… are… special.

I honor the fallen in Lakewood, WA. Nine days ago. May it never happen again.

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