Reduce – Do Over? Hope not.

This is a quick summary of my day.

We stopped at my Med provider who quickly added Latuda to my 400 MG Lamictal and changed my chill pill back to Diazapam. (It doesn’t kick my butt so badly.)

The day moved from fun to 100% stress to terror to worry and back around again. I’m completely spent. Rundown.  The drive was different but as heavy as expected.  The Espionage Exhibition was cool. Sydney got sick and had to leave. No restrooms are in the thing. I’d been really wanting to see the Espionage Exhibition at the Seattle Science Center for months. We needed to leave early and brave traffic once again because she was sick. 40 minutes from home. I did this curious newish thing I’ve started doing driving home. For an instant,  my brain shuts off and it’s like I’m asleep. It freaks me out! I sing and yell and have people talk to me and nothing helps. It’s very, very scary.  I had Kyle drive the last 30 minutes home.

We arrived home to our puppy and I freaked out (ok, maybe not quite). Bailey,  my 6 month old Heeler and companion dog in training, wasn’t waiting for us at the top of the stairs. I was very concerned. She always does. Always. She came around the corner with a pretty big heater vent hanging from her collar. OMG! At first I froze.  I thought she was choking.  She’s okay.  It stressed her and Sydney and I out. Kyle came in after it was off and laughed. What else could he do?

Earlier in the day Sydney had explained to Jane why she was wanting to kill me lately. That’s when she changed my meds. Fast forward again to after we helped Bailey… I slammed the microwave door heating my dinner. Before I became more belligerent I took my food to my room, ate and took my meds with a chill pill. Now my puppy, my companion dog to be, is passed out next to me on my bed.

I got to tell Jessica,  my 22 year old who is off in the Air Force,  about my day. I’ve calmed down. Now my back is lighting up. Time for a painkiller. 

Wow! I didn’t expect my day to play out like this. I managed to maintain much better than I expected. But, I’m so thankful for my chill pill. Boy am I ever!

I am most thankful though,  for my kids. They are so incredible!

Love to hear what you think. Please post a comment.

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