Bipolar – Weird Parent # 5 0 3 0c25

Yeah, I’ve no idea what the letters mean too. Gibberish. But, that’s what I want to say to you today.


My youngest daughter has a favorite saying and I’d like to quote her here: “It’s that moment when…” Yesterday I thought about that and I realize how she realizes things. Bear with me here. I’ve finally had my own really huge moment….

It’s that moment when I realize I’ve been doing my next project when I should be finishing the one I started 14 (FOURTEEN) years ago.

And so this is just what I have to say in this note to you. If you feel like something just isn’t right stand back, relax, let your mind wander, look for your passion. Not your obsession. Not your mania of the moment. Not the object of your freaked out depression. Search your heart and your mind and maybe your soul (if you believe in the soul) and see if maybe you’re banging your head against the wall, because you turned left or right and got totally off the desire of your heart. Your burning desire. Your goal. What is it?

Got no idea? We’ll talk about this in another note. But for now, consider this, what the hell are you doing?

Be well and I’ll see you soon. I have to check on the obsession I just printed.



As always, comments and notes are so very appreciated. Robin

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