Bipolar – Parenting Tip # ??

When my kids were in elementary school we had no money. We have slightly more now. Back then I had to find things to do that were fun and I really tried to find things that were “memorable”. If I couldn’t take them to Disneyland I was going to figure out something that was fun and we could do often.

We live about an hour or so from an entrance to Mt. Rainier here in Washington State so it seemed natural to me to take the kids there. One type of trip we’d take went like this:

pick up kids from school
stop by house to get warm cloths
drop by grocery store for two candy bars (or something like that) and a pop
drive to the mountain
go as far as the snow allowed
if we made it as far as Paradise we would play in the snow then have lunch on the tailgate consisting of cheese, crackers and summer sausage that I’d cut with a pocket knife right there (it seemed more authentic I think)
we’d stay for an hour
drive home
What an exciting day
and there was still time for homework

We who find ourselves with mental illnesses, whether it be Bipolar or something else, often find ourselves with out much money. If we’re parents it’s hard on the whole family. Often I’d beat myself up that I couldn’t give my kids the “stuff” my parents gave me. Then I remember I’m much closer to my kids than my parents ever were to me. (And by the way, we did have stuff. I was raised on a ranch. We raised and showed Tennessee Walking horses.)

Today search your mind and your situation and figure out if you too can make memories. Even if you are making good memories just for yourself… it’s still so important to do.

Later my friends

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