Bipolar – Peeing on a Fence

Okay, so I didn’t pee on a fence today… it just bloody well feels like it. These muscle spasms are so crazy intense that it is just like holding on to an electric fence. It hurts. From the end of my little pinky (as apposed to my big pinky) to my head and my toes I look like I’m doing the hot fence dance. Know what I mean?

My son Kyle (he’s actually my only son) who is 20 has remembered how much fun it is to shock his mom by building up a static charge then touching me. Holy heck!

When will this torture end? LOL I’m seriously kidding. Get my drift?

Focusing on one thing has been a problem today. It feels like my day was dumped out of a bucket of paint and onto a huge white canvas. The paint hits the canvas and morphs into splatterings of all colors. There are so many colors that I just cannot seem to be able to get a grip on any of them. It has been helping my anxiety grow, which I appreciate eversomuch.

My daughter (the baby) who is 17 just waited an hour for the bus. She’s freezing and I worry about her standing in the city downtown by herself especially when it is dark.

I’m listening to relaxing music that’s stimulating me in such a way that I want to slap it. So much for that particular meditation music. Ew. Come on YouTube.

I’m so calm I’m an atom bomb.

I pulled a muscle and now I have a horrible pain in my butt.

I should be writing.

Television is the poison for the evening. It seems to be the safest choice.

Oh yeah, I cooked a hot dog in our new used microwave oven. Just 33 seconds. It sounded like screaming children and to my great surprise did not explode on one end. Rather it exploded on both ends and in the middle. A total blow out. Then I tried to squeeze out the mustard from the container and behold I forgot it still had the paper thingie on it. My arthritic hand really appreciated that. Kyle ate my hotdog.

Bipolar. I’m not complaining though it may sound as though I am. Remember

Dragnet the television show? No? well it was a cop show and they always said something like, “just the facts ma’am”. Well it was like that. All this randomness I’ve just coughed up are just the facts ma’am. Just the facts.

And now I’m smiling. Go figure. I feel better now. Do you ever do that too? You just need to dump a little off the top so you stay in the cup? Yup.

Be well and stay away from electric fences my friend.

Love to hear what you think. Please post a comment.

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