Pick Me Up’s When Life Feels Like *&%#$

A few things my bipolar mind sometimes responds positively to.

Ellen DeGeneres Show – I use my DVR to record every show and I watch it sometime that day. It is the one hour that I know that no matter how I feel, I will smile without even knowing I’m doing it.

My Heeler/Kelpie cattle dog Bailey – I have to take care of her multiple times daily. I can’t just sleep in or ignore her. She has to go out to do her business. She needs to walk to get exercise. I’ve started taking her for play dates with my son and daughter and their respective dogs which gets both of us out of the house and involved with other people. Making that phone call or text to arrange that date is sometimes so hard to get myself to do.

Reading a biography (or better, an autobiography) of a dead person. I’m reading Eleanor Roosevelt’s Autobiography right now. Even if I only read a page or two at a time, it helps break the constant cycle of feeling shitty.

Eating a slice of Edwards Hershey’s Chocolate Crème Pie. Yummy!


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