Bipolar – Reducing My Latuda

A few weeks ago I approached my med provider with the complaint that I’d been unable to tap into my creative side at all and that I was feeling rather muted in my emotions. She said that wasn’t uncommon and asked me if I’d like to try lowering my Latuda. She wasn’t my proscriber when I was put on that dosage of the drug and it wasn’t in my chart so she asked me if I remembered why it was at the dosage it was at. Of course, I had no idea.

Now that I’ve been taking 80mg daily instead of 120 mg for several weeks now I’ve come to a conclusion… I need to be very careful because I feel a bit unhinged. A bit like a car sliding on ice and is just barely keeping its grip. The real tests will be the holiday and then starting my next quarter at school.

I’m hoping I’ll be able to blog consistently now. Maybe feeling a little less safe is what I need to get me going again.

I dislike feeling stuck and like my emotions have gottened stuffed.

I also dislike feeling unhinged.


Love to hear what you think. Please post a comment.

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