Bipolar? That Doesn’t Mean I’m a Failure

On occasion, when I lose my mind and I think I might find support amongst my associates, family members, etc. regarding one of my passion projects (like the book I’m working on). Always – yes, always – they look at me like I’ve completely finished losing my mind.

The really crazy thing is I already have a book of mine in print and I’ve published over a dozen by other authors.

I don’t know what to tell them. Oh wait, I do. Ha! This is very dumbed down, but let me share with you kind of what I say.

I usually explain to the uninformed that, “Everyday that I’m alive, I’m a success story.”

I was explaining how this whole conversation usually goes down to my daughter the other day and this is how it came out instead:

“Everyday I’m above ground, I’m a success…”


Still, that’s true too. Maybe even the most true. What do you think?

As a side note: It turns out that I’m not so crazy. I like to check my “pithy” sayings before I post them and I did just that before posting this pity saying. Without trying, this is what I found: “Any day above ground is a good day. Before you complain about anything, be thankful for your life and the things that are still going well.” Germany Kent / “Every day above ground is a good day.” Bernstein (Scarface)

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