Bipolar- My Everyday Playlist

I love these songs. They make me feel good. When I feel good my day gets better, I feel better, I treat others better, I treat myself better, the world seems like a place I can live in and not only survive in but thrive in.

I chose this particular video of Just Like Fire because it doesn’t have her being carted away to a mental institution. What it does have is her emphasizing the amazing fact that no one is like her. Amazing!! That’s what I want us to come away from that song remembering. We’re just like fire… and no one can be just like we are. Remember that.

You may wonder why Celtic Woman – Tír na nÓg ft. Oonagh is included in this playlist… Okay. You’ve wondered. LOL The answer is – Why not?! They make me happy! There’s no big mystery. They just make me smile. Take this playlist and use it to create one of your own. Make it realistic. Can you actually listen to the whole thing before the end of the year? I regularly listen to about 1-9 and then all of it when I’m driving. Or, I go to the songs I need to hear the most.


Love to hear what you think. Please post a comment.

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