Bipolar – Having Finally Slept

Last night I posted while I was wide awake and I wanted to be sleeping. Tonight I come to you having finally fallen asleep to my YouTube video sometime in the wee hours and woke by accident at 8:25 a.m., 5 minutes before two of my kids were due to arrive. We had plans to go to an early showing of Rogue One and we were meeting at my house at 8:30. I got out in the living room just in time to unlock the front door for them. I’m so happy I was wearing pajamas and not just a tee shirt. Apparently I forgot to even set my alarm. Surprise!

Today I’m trying to lay low and be chill. My daughter left after the movie for home while my son stayed to hang out with mom for a few hours. It was a very relaxing time. We lounged on the big sofa and watched TV while we ate cookies for lunch. Yesterday I had all the kids over and we made cookies for a better part of the day.

I find myself thinking about the coming night all day long. That’s just not healthy. I’m planning my strategy on how to get to sleep. How crazy is that? I’m going to listen to the YouTube videos again but hours earlier this time. I’m purposely not going to set my alarm.

Christmas day I have to get up and join my family for family brunch at my brother’s house. But tomorrow morning, I have no plans so yeah, I’m going to sleep in. Assuming I sleep. I usually fall asleep sometime after 3. I’m finding that I need a good long night’s sleep to get up and function in the morning. It’s especially important when I need to be someplace like school.

One thing I’m trying to do increasingly over time is to exercise more. This should help my moods and help me to sleep. At least, that’s the way my thinking goes.

And now, back to researching on Edgar Allan Poe, who may have been a fellow mood disorder sufferer. I’m trying to learn what I can about him. It’s good to focus on others who both do and do not have the illnesses I have. I may learn something helpful.

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