Trump Commentary

I’ve never made any kind of political comment on FB before and I’m saddened that I feel I should do so now. I cannot in good conscience ignore the fact that white supremacists have embraced Trump as their candidate. Now that he knows who they are, he didn’t initially, he says he disavows them. They don’t mind. They think he doesn’t mean it. What really scares me is that the white supremacists have so easily slid in with the rest of Trump supporters. I don’t condemn Trump supporters, but I do urge them to consider who they share the couch with. Does Trump really preach that much of what the white supremacists believe? Who am I hoping to vote for? I don’t know. I’m not sure any of the candidates can be the leader that we need.

Read this article at Huffington Post that prompted me to write this: An Open Letter To Non-Racist Donald Trump Supporters

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